18 January 2015

So Much For Single . . .

Last year I took a trip to Vegas and this year I decided I would do my best to save money and decided that if funds allowed I would simply go and visit my friends that live in NYC. Before I knew it I was financially on track until I realized that my mother’s 50th birthday was at hand and the weekend I chosen for her party was before I would get paid. I began trying to make things work and even went as far as trying to make it a surprise.

I took her to dinner and a movie and as far as she thought that would be it. It was the first week in a long time that I not only had a day off but 3 days off and so it was chemo Wednesday with mom then her birthday on Thursday and then, believe it or not, I had a date on Friday.

I had been talking to a guy named Caps for well over a year. I met him through a mutual friend and right before the holiday season we had a great night hanging out and he had asked me to go to the holiday party at work. After not hearing from him for over 2 weeks I gave the slot to Irvin.

Irvin and I had been talking for months with the intentions on developing a friendship but one night the conversation became so interesting we decided we would allow our first meeting to be a date. I figured happy hour in the city so we decided to meet at Bike Stop and then Moriarty's for dinner. He was better looking in person and I had already thought him a cutie from the pics he sent and soon he started making me laugh. My biggest weakness when it comes to men are the cute and funny ones. When I started laughing I knew I wanted a second date. I did not want the night to end I was having so much fun just talking to him I was turned on but able to control myself. I was not sure if it was the alcohol or him but I felt I wanted more from him.

We decided to leave and he offered to give me a ride home, I was excited because it meant I could get a kiss good night. And once in front of my door it was a kiss to knock socks off. It lasted a while and one kiss became many and a conversation and it became official I really liked the guy.

We had plans to meet after I got off work Saturday and he didn’t want to drink so I suggested Llanerch Diner, it was not in the city, not far from my house and my friend Ethan was able to give me a ride there because it was up the street from his house.

We met at the diner and we both blushed, we were really into one another. Dinner, Trivia Crack, and then a ride around town which ended with coffee at Wawa and a scratch off ticket. We joked and talked and really spent the night getting to know one another and the good night kiss lasted longer and was more intense than the last time.

Sunday I got a text from him saying he had a bad day and wanted to see me. I wanted nothing more but I was at work. He insisted that he come pick me up and I allowed it. He took me too a diner and then coffee at Wawa and then we spent several hours talking in his car. I laughed, I swooned and blushed and talked. It was odd it felt like I knew him for so long yet I was not bored he was sweet and charming but strong and commanding I tried comparing him to my exes in my head and there was no comparison he was different than all the former loves of my life from Mister M and Meto to Cocky and wonderful.

When I walked to my door I was numb with infatuation, we just spent several hours being intimate without sex, and neither of us had to tell the other no, things went only as far as we both wanted them to go. I wanted to find some fault, something I could take back to my friends so they could tell me not to proceed, the way things had gone so many times before but there was nothing. He had demons and dealt with them, he has realistic goals with plans to achieve them, he is cute, he is funny, he looks and acts like a man, he thinks the world of me, he is confident and intelligent He truly is, prince charming.

The next few days we spent texting each other almost nonstop, emogies, pictures, talks about or days and anything else we could share. My friends could see that I was not just infatuated but I had found someone who had my interest on more than a sexual level. I could see their reactions as I talked about him and they were all shocked it was almost like they were saying, “You are falling.” And there was nothing anyone could do about it.

It seemed I had just slammed and bolted the door to the MeTo saga and then Irvin shows up and whisk me away.

After getting home from work and saying good night to the new love interest I decided to brows facebook. I noticed that Mister M had posted something and based on the comments it sounded like he was moving so I texted him. . .

“So I hear you are moving”

“Where did you hear that lol”

“Facebook, Unless I read it wrong”

“You read correctly”

“Where are you moving to?”


Mister M went n to tell me that  he missed the east coast and had been planning the move for quite some time and everything was set for him to move back to the Philadelphia area.