19 July 2014

Mister Big, Lamb, Helium

You can never judge a book by its cover or who you are going to fall in love with for that matter. I immediately decided that if I was to get a good read on Mister Big that I would have to go on a second date. And so what was supposed to be a stressful adjustment to my Friday plans turned into a much needed escape.

Big decided to make plans at his favorite restaurant Zahav an Israeli restaurant in Old City. I had mentioned how Lamb was my favorite meat and immediately he knew I would love the place. It was decided that our second date would be to Zahav and then Helium night club.

I had given him the all clear for the Next Friday but it turned into that Friday, a miscommunication. After talking to a friend at work it was decided that if I was going to be into Mister Big then I needed to find out sooner rather than later and so I went with the flow.

Friday was an early day, G-d father duty and then running home to get dressed for the date. In true form the outfit that was planned hand to be changed. As I was checking the shirt for wrinkles I noticed spots and had to pick what turned out to be a better option, my teal blue shirt from express. It always got compliments.

I met Big at the restaurant and we both were running late and when we walked in I soon learned that Big was not just a nick name. He was immediately recognized by managers and a few of the wait staff. He told me how he sometimes brought clients here from work and it was apparent that his patronage was not just welcomed but enjoyed. The waitress was enthusiastic about making recommendations and even added some comps so that I could try some things that we decided we would save for a future visit.

There were moments where I felt left out but soon realized that going with the flow and not having expectations yielded for a more enjoyable time. From trying duck hearts to going out with him on his smoke breaks the night was just one happy moment after the other.

I was warned beforehand that it was going to be a lot of food but that was an understatement. By the time the lamb arrived I was stuffing the food in but it was well worth it. I thought we were at the end but there was still desert and that was awesome as well a type of ice cream sandwich with coca powder then a desert with shredded filo dough and berries accompanied by a French press. I was on cloud nine if the night had ended there I would have been more than content but it was far from over.

We then went to Helium comedy club where none stop laughs were accompanied by cocktails. The end result was a man who could not stop smiling and left me wanting to break the rules of proper courtship. I was given a ride home and a good, good night kiss.

I walked in the door thinking, “Am I really dating the gay Mister Big?”